all things equal i would prefer it if we were safe & lonely instead of together & afraid but i cannot deny that it is hard; or: 

a solitary spacecraft.

made during the covid-19 lockdown in 2020. autobiographical fiction. very messy. many of the conversations inspired by real ones with my real friends, who deserve all the credit in the world.


 Kat BrewsterRock Paper Shotgun:

"I feel like I have seen so many think-pieces and op-eds and Medium posts about what we should be doing with our quarantine time, or what people are losing during their time at home, or any of the myriad of difficult and uncomfortable circumstances by which someone might not be able to stay home. I feel like I’ve seen so many, and yet, none of them have resonated with me — too often they’re preachy or overwrought or (fittingly) miserable. All of this is a roundabout way of saying: I don’t feel that way about this game."

Spencer Hayes, Games of the Month, May 2020

"We’re living in a strange time (at least as of writing this) and while most of us are trying our hardest to make it through this thing intact it doesn’t leave a lot of artifacts. A Solitary Spacecraft feels like something we’ll be able to point back to, an honest look at what it means to be alive right now. "

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InputsKeyboard, Smartphone
AccessibilitySubtitles, High-contrast
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damn, should've read the description before playing. was not expecting this at all. it's been a year or two, so i hope you're doing alright.


Thanks for sharing your spaceship with us.


thank you for making this; it resonated very deeply with me. hope you & your friends & family are doing okay <3

could make a windows would've been trending


This is really special. Thank you for making it <3
Hope you're doing okay


This was really impactful and I loved how you utilized the different objects in the room to tell the story. 


this is incredible.


awesome autobio btw: how are your friends


i think they're all doin ok as far as things go, thanks!!


thank you for creating and sharing this intimate account of your experience in Q! as it was for me, i imagine it struck a chord with a lot of others


This was really nice. Thanks. I especially like the bit about ghosts. That hit hard.


powerful. thank you for this.




thank you.


This game gave me chills, nearly drove me to tears. Thank you for making this.