A downloadable manifesto

0. being selfish isn't a bad thing if you do not feel that you are allowed to express selfishness. this should not be construed as in conflict with the idea that communities are important- communities are important. but the act of creation of a game can be an interiority that should be allowed and celebrated. 

0a. self-love is selfish. self-care is selfish. be selfish. build a world that has a message that you want to see. a game is a poem and a poem is a game. writing poems is selfish. it is also very good. 

1. the world is more important than the player. 

2. the designer is more important than the player. 

3. the world or the designer do not need to pay attention to the player unless they choose to. the player is a visitor to a house. the player is an observer who should respect the space. the player is here because they were asked to be. none of these goals should be in conflict. 

4. it could be shorter, it could be smaller. adverbs are superfluous. meaning can be deigned from nothing at all, and that's good. that's ok. 

5. any place the designer wishes to stop is a reasonable stopping place. not all things end neatly. not all things end at all. 

postscript: none of the above language should be construed to mean that a game should hold messages that legitimize, rearticulate, propagate, or otherwise valorize systemic oppressions. a selfish game that upholds harmful societal values is a garbage game for garbage people. they are worthless to make and do no good for the designer nor for others. 

written by videodante for the manifesto jam 2018